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This wine is very special unique features has been obtained, a wine tasting and outdoor mineral and mouthfeel.
The acidity of the wine is strong but balanced, smells like honey, white fruits, pears and pineapples. And it has a powerful body

The vineyard, of course, is his gimmick. It consists of just four acres planted in 2001 only chardonnay in south-west face of a small hill. A hillside, over which passed a large glacier melting for thousands of years, with its own sacred history.


Seven crops were obtained. We tested the first harvest 2005, it made only 1,000 bottles. Today the wine is showing signs of oxidation on the nose, but the mouth is acidity, full, rich, and with a subtle bitterness to the aftertaste; invited to ask for a little more sun and more maturity. In 2006 the sun much surprised with sugar and therefore the alcohol gave no further than to make a pseudo wine and so I called Light. This Light is that, a wine very light, with just 9 of spirit, with a strong acid, the opposite of what one can ask a sweet chardonnay, but quite the way of what is a cuvee chardonnay in the Britain. To accompany oysters, is ideal.

Alto Las Gredas Gran Reserva 2008 is to be taken seriously again as southern Chilean chardonnay. Nose: clean, fresh, with notes of pineapple and mandarin and a hint of fresh butter taste is sharp, for its sharp acidity, without losing weight. A very versatile white for grilled seafood with lemon or play contrasting with cream and parmesan, a chardonnay different from those we long to have more up in the Central Valley, but its all sunny summer days do not are how to deliver.

The 2009 vintage won a silver medal in the "Concours de Bruxelles Chile 2010" and Best Chardonnay from Chile with 94 points Descorchados Patricio Tapia.

The Chardonnay Alto Las loam achieved a place among Chilean wines.